What we do

We invest in Blockchain

Today, we are pleased to introduce Global Crypto Insights Accelerator, an initiative designed from the ground up to help early-stage  Blockchain start-ups.

We’ve gathered a core group of Global Crypto Insights community members who want to invest their time, expertise and capital.

To support the acceleration of Blockchain start-ups in the early stages to get them ready for venture capital funding and then continue to support them through their growth journey to IPO.

Building a Different Kind of Accelerator

We believe Blockchain technology is leading the next evolutionary step of the internet and will naturally produce new possibilities via the next generation of innovators.

These possibilities will require a special set of expertise in order for them to be identified and realised - this goes beyond seeking capital from start-ups from investors. Instead, this will be about having the backing and support of an active, committed community and operating in a way that advances the idea to its full potential as quickly as possible.

As an internet-native co-operative organisation we have been built this way from day one.

Beyond providing capital, we can contribute to projects through our time, experience, and expertise and by championing ideas within our network , which can open many doors.

What can we do for you

We aim is to help start-ups get their ideas ready for venture capital funding and go global.

By Implementing globally scalable incentive structures around their products and services that increase trust, transparency, and attraction for venture capital funding, as well as supporting the preparation of the required documentation.

We are uniquely placed to do this as we know what Blockchain venture capital firms and investors want and how to prepare to present to them as their trusted partners.

We’ve baked community participation into our practices from day one. As a result, we assembled an incredibly powerful network of individuals who have access to Blockchain investors, tech expertise and talent in the Blockchain space from around the world that can help innovators accelerate their ideas.

How it works

Complete and submit the application form below, which will be reviewed by our community members, who will get in touch with you shortly.

If selected, you will be asked to pitch your idea to a select panel of our members, who will then determine if your idea will be one of the selected to enter the 2022 Accelerator programme.

What start-ups do we invest in?

If you have a well-thought-out Blockchain idea that is ground-breaking and has the potential to disrupt legacy systems and processes in existing industries, create new industries or impact how we work, live, interact and transact with each other,  we want to hear from you!

We invest and support ideas from anywhere and everywhere around the world.

Who do we invest in?

We are about people and enjoying the results we achieve together. We’re looking for start-up teams and founders who also have the vision, drive and determination to get things done and make things happen, who eat, sleep and breath their start-ups. Ambitious individuals who believe they can be the next Blockchain unicorn.

We only work with a maximum of 4 start-ups each year -We make no excuses for being selective about who we work with as we will give it our all to make your idea a massive global financial success.