Our consultants have access to our core member community.

Global Crypto Insights community DAO has members in 21+ countries

What we do

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Full Development
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Strategy & Delivery

Our capabilities in numbers

Integrated expertise for Blockchain and Web 3.0

Global Crypto Insight consultants are a network of independent professional individuals that challenge the traditional concept of consulting and tech. We make an impact in Blockchain and Web 3.0 space by combing and harnessing our tech, finance and legal expertise from the start.

Our consultants are world-class professionals interested in Blockchain and web 3.0 who are plugged in and active in the Blockchain eco-system and have expertise and experience from some of the best companies in the world.

By establishing one of the first Global Professional Consultancy in 2022, based on Blockchain eco-system (decentralised) and Web 3.0 community principles. As a result, we are truly flexible in meeting our local client’s needs with world-class expertise.

Our clients

Our big clients do not let our members tell you who they are, but what we can say to you is our members have helped support some of the world’s most transformational Blockchain, Crypto and Web 3.0 projects, Including:

  • Setting up Crypto regulatory frameworks for countries
  • Strategy consulting for one of the largest Crypto exchanges in European (1+ Billion Valuation)
  • Development of the go-to-market Crypto strategy for the 3 biggest banks in German
  • Crypto custodian licences application in Europe  
  • ICO feasibility study
Blockchain Solutions
  • Development and global marketing of a Blockchain-based work efficiency tool
  • Design of a loan tokenisation platform for a global bank
Blockchain Protocols 
  • Development of a layer one Blockchain protocol  
  • Development of a Silicon Valley DeFi Protocol
  • Supporting one of the biggest DAOs in the world
  • Supporting Multiple UK Premier League Football Clubs with their NFT projects
  • NFT Projects for some of the world’s most luxury brands 
  • Numerous other NFT projects for small and medium enterprises
  • Development of consumer-facing Metaverse applications in virtual reality
  • Creating Metaverse content marketing for some of the world’s biggest brands

Why we are different

Our members are passionate professionals who are personally plugged in, active and engaged within the Blockchain, crypto asset and Web 3.0 global eco-system, and we bring that to our clients.

  • Advisors to government departments
  • Invited speakers and writers for national news channels and papers
  • Members of international Blockchain /Crypto think tanks
  • International conference speakers in the Crypto space
  • Advisory board members of digital asset associations
  • Advisors and Investors in DeFi start-ups
  • Advisors for Web 3.0 concepts for global luxury brands
  • Equity partners in national digital asset firms
  • Authors, bloggers and podcasters in the crypto space with thousands of followers
  • Members of the most sort after NFT members clubs

Our clients are our partners

Only members of the Global Crypto Insights community DAO are invited to join the Blockchain consultancy and advisory service.

So we can serve our clients through a global network powered by partnership, integrity, and a shared purpose of advancing Blockchain technology and Web 3.0.

We work closely with crypto/Blockchain funded projects to fast-track their delivery with our consulting and advisory capabilities.

We serve a broad range of individuals, companies, organisations and institutions

Our members have helped deliver Blockchain & Web 3.0 projects for small businesses to enterprises.

Get thought leadership, ideas, market intelligence, critical thinking and highly specialised consultancy expertise in digital assets and Blockchain technology.