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We understand the transformative potential of  Blockchain technology.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have created a new asset class. We discuss the possibilities.

Smart Contracts

The smart contract and DeFi ecosystem is evolving rapidly. We see the potential.

Digital Assets 

We aim to figure out the digital asset landscape’s current state and future.



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World-Class Leaders

All members have a professional and personal interest in Blockchain and crypto technologies. To ensure that relationships are maintained, we limit our core membership to 100 professionals globally - this allows all members to develop close and trusted relationships, and promotes cohesion of values, knowledge and professional conduct.

Core Community Members

Core Community Members include : Crypto Innovators & Investors, Web 3.0 Entrepreneurs, Advisors to Central Banks, Investment Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Global Wealth Managers, Capital Market Experts, Treasury Liquidity Experts, Financial Regulation Experts, Policy and Compliance Experts, Barristers & Lawyers specialised in international law in the crypto assets and Blockchain space. 

Our Community Mission

Our community mission is to provide thought leadership, ideas, market intelligence, critical thinking and highly specialised consultancy expertise to help Crypto, Blockchain ventures, innovators, entrepreneurs get started and continue to support them through their growth journey up to IPO and beyond.

London, UK Based

Global Crypto Insights was founded by financial professionals based in London, UK. It has since grown to become a global network of influential professionals located across the major financial centres of the world who all bring their experience, ideas and insights together to support Blockchain entrepreneurs and innovators

How We Work

1. We have world-class industry leaders.

The community connects a decentralised global network of leading industry professionals who all continually collaborate and share their experiences and insights to provide critical thinking on crypto and Blockchain start-up’s ideas and concepts.

2. We want to improve industry performance.

Collectively, we improve our individual and collective insights and performance by bringing together traditional finance, law, and technology expertise to identify, discuss, and challenge the current trends that are shaping the future in the DeFi, Crypto, and Digital Asset space.

3. We choose to collaborate.

We acknowledge that every individual knows they have a more significant impact when working together. We collaborate and share our expertise individually and as a group. We build relationships through a set of shared values and principles and uphold the idea meritocracy.

4. We have "True Cognitive Diversity."

We aim to rationalise the current crypto asset and Blockchain space by combining our individual experiences, knowledge, insight and professional expertise, bringing true cognitive diversity to the Web 3.0 space better decision-making by crypto and Blockchain innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our Global Council

A powerful professional network of the world's top 1% cohort of leaders, influencers in the blockchain and Crypto space.

How Can We Help You?

Our community members and clients always come first. We serve them through a global network powered by a partnership, integrity, and a shared purpose of advancing Web 3.0 and Blockchain technology growth and financial opportunity.


Blockchain Accelerator

We invest in early-stage Blockchain and Web 3.0 start-ups and ventures by providing guidance, expertise and funding to accelerate them to venture capital funding.

Blockchain Consultancy

The world’s first globally decentralised consultancy that brings together the world’s leading professionals from Finance, Law and Technology to support Blockchain, Crypto, and Web 3.0

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Our mission is to harness the power of our expert community to make a positive impact on our members, start-ups we support and the wider Blockchain ecosystem.